Dara’s method of remembering the difference between Astronomy and Astrology

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Can we all just take a moment to appreciate this scene?

IT showed that, despite working for a power-hungry empire, the Fire Nation soldiers were still human.

Not all of them were maniacs or murderers.

Even those tasked with a major invasion force were seen in a not-so-negative light.

Under those menacing masks and armor they’re still… human.

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Can we run away to here please? Thank you.

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You get some weird looks when you go outside in shorts and a t-shirt in October in Ireland…





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Irish 50 Shades of Grey

Give it to me, give it to me’, he roared aggressively. Some days Mary hated working at Ulster Bank.

He slipped his hand under the red silk.. “You’re so beautiful in that dress.” “Feck off, it was only a euro in Penneys!” …

Bríd’s knees were sore and her throat was raw…This was the longest Novena she’d ever attended.

You’re so tight, he said, I’m from Cavan she replied.

Slowly he ran his finger down the middle, parting the pink softness, feeling the moiststicky centre. He loved a Mikado.

‘She Quivered as I stroked her thighs. ‘Take me in the shower Sean!’ I whispered to her ‘Wait til I turn on the immersion’

‘Her underwear was wet as he pulled the rope. There’s great drying out today she thought as the clothes line hoisted’

She wrapped her fingers around it and greedily pulled it towards her lips.20 bottles for 15 quid at Centra Mick! Bargain!

‘its so long!Never seen the likes of it!’ exclaimed maire, as she joined the dole queue

She widened her mouth, trying to fit it all in!! Juices ran down her face. Mary did love a kebab after coppers

She was panting as she let out one final scream of pure pleasure. There was nothing like beating Kilkenny in the hurling

She took a deep breath as the shivers rolled down her hot body… Jaysus, she thought. The vicks is kicking in now!

Come on! Pump it hard.. Real hard! But it was no use the tyre was definitely punctured!

He asked if she could handle more than one finger. She said she preferred Hob Nobs or a purple Schnack with her tea

‘Spread ‘em’, he said gruffly. Margie looked dolefully at the bags of fertilizer destined for the back field…



Never lose yourself, please


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No drunk tumblr for Dermo…